How Much Money Do The Top 5 K-Pop Entertainment Companies Make Per Year?

Although there are countless idol groups and agencies in the K-pop industry, five companies have stood out above the rest in terms of size and popularity. 

After looking at recent sales figures and profit margins for the five agencies, however, netizens noticed that there was still quite a discrepancy even between the top companies. Although SMYG, FNCJYP, and Cube are all very large and popular, SM stood out in terms of profits, while Cube had actually lost money. After seeing the sales figures, netizens expressed their feelings on the numbers, praising SM and showing concern for Cube.

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[+ 195, – 122] Please if you have any conscience don’t say it’s thanks to INFINITE and LOVELYZ..

[+ 142, – 27] Well YG couldn’t really help it but no one told them to follow up after BIG BANG with another boy group so late. They have to invest more because they’re trying to blow up WINNER and iKON both at the same time. They should have released another boygroup to follow Big Bang’s footsteps 4 years ago

[+ 135, – 35] All the comments are hating on YG. So many haters ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Pann