Hyeri expresses concern over her recent surge in popularity?

After her breakthrough role in hit drama Reply 1988Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri has become one of the most popular idols in the entertainment industry. 

In fact, the Dream Tea Entertainment singer has even earned her second lead role, playing opposite Ji Sung in upcoming drama Entertainer. And while the fame has definitely brought many positive things to her life, Hyeri recently expressed concern over her other members due to her surge in popularity. After hearing the singer relay her feelings regarding her popularity and the other members of her group, many netizens praised Hyeri for her caring nature and promised to cheer for Girl’s Day.

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[+ 1086, – 59] When Yura was talking I could feel that she was sincere. As long as the member who’s popular does not get arrogant and other members don’t bully her Girl’s Day will become more and more successful and in turn that popular member will make everyone all the more popular.

[+ 895, – 25] I thought her acting was amazing during the scene where her drama grandmother passed and she said on this show that her grandmother actually passed…she must have gone through some heart break..

[+ 719, – 68] Hyeri is such a kind girl who is joyful but cries a lot. She went through so much and now she’s going through good times. I hope she has more to smile about in the future ~

Source: Newsen