Hyomin hypes fans with updates from T-ARA’s “So Crazy” MV shoot

T-ARA’s Hyomin adds more hype for their comeback as she posts more sailor concept images from their recent music video shoot. 

On July 26th, Hyomin updated her personal Instagram account with a photo of the members in their full sailor-inspired concept, teasing fans for their “So Crazy” comeback. The photo was a celebratory shot taken from their music video shoot as she enticed fans sayning, “D-9 comeback teaser! It’s completely crazy. MV filming set.” 

The updates featured the members in tight white tops and hot pants, similar to the first set of teaser images released, as they raise fans’ anticipation for their comeback.

Meanwhile, T-ARA will be holding their first ever showcase since debut on August 3rd while their comeback music video for “So Crazy” will be released on August 7th.





Source: Dispatch