Hyorin, JooYoung and Takuya take group photo from the set of “Erase” MV

A friendly and adorable group photo between Hyorin x JooYoung and CROSS GENE‘s Takuya was shared via Starship Entertainment‘s SNS account on November 25th.

Posing against a brick wall, JooYoung and Takuya’s manners are reflected in the photo as they spread their legs in attempts to come down to Hyorin’s shorter stature. Hyorin cutely poses with hands behind her back, standing in between the two male singers, wearing a pretty one piece white dress.

Hyorin x JooYoung is currently promoting as a unit with their debut track “Erase,” having won their first music show award last night on SBS MTV’s The Show. Takuya made an appearance in the duo’s music video as Hyorin’s love interest.