[★VIDEO] Hyorin wells up with emotion on the stage of “I Am A Singer 3”

SISTAR‘s Hyorin was overcome with emotion in the latest episode of MBC‘s I Am A Singer 3, in which she participated in the second stage of the competition with a mind blowing performance. 

Aired on February 13th, Hyorin was in danger of elimination after placing last in the first stage of the first round. For her second performance and stage of the first round, she took on “Destiny” (also known as “Fate”) originally sung by veteran singer and legend Lee Sun Hee. In a side interview, Hyorin revealed, “Different from Lee Sun Hee, I remade the song to sound more powerful to fit my husky voice better.”

No doubt about it, Hyorin’s rendition and performance of “Destiny” moved the crowd as her sorrowful voice relayed the meaningful lyrics with many audience members could be seen tearing up by the end of the stage, earning her third place for the first round’s second stage.

Unfortunately, due to her 6th rank in the first round’s first stage combined with her second stage’s ranking, Hyorin was eliminated from the competition putting her into tears. Her stylist further shed tears for her as Hyorin returned backstage with the sad news.

Despite her elimination, netizens continued to cheer for the idol singer with the knowledge that she was the only idol singer on the show to go against some of the best veteran and revered singers in the Korean industry, and had done an amazing job.

They left comments such as, “Even though she was eliminated she did well,” “3rd place in 2nd round but still she got eliminated wow,” and “Every one did well today. You did well Hyorin!”

Source: My Daily