Hyorin x JooYoung unveil MV for “Erase” ft. CROSS GENE’s Takyua

The much awaited music video of Hyorin x JooYoung‘s collaboration has finally been released on November 20th. “Erase” features CROSS GENE‘s Takyua as the main male lead and is a smooth R&B and Pop song that talks about an erased past love. 

Fans have been greatly anticipating this release after it was revealed that JooYoung would be collaborating with Hyorin. Also featured on this track is Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 3 runner-up Iron as the lead rapper.

The track opens with Hyorin’s graceful high notes before entering the jazzy and smooth verses. The settings of the music video go between a dark and nighttime bar setting and a brightly lit bedroom. The rapid camera cuts that highlight Hyorin and JooYoung’s musicality also shows viewers the two’s intense and knowing gazes as flashbacks of a past love race through the screen.

The couple dance captures the simultaneous sadness and beauty present in “Erase.” The harmonies between the two vocalists show off their bright voices and impressive vocal range.

Check out Hyorin x JooYoung’s “Erase” below: