Hyosung is a beautiful doll in new dreamy “FANTASIA” image teaser

The second image teaser for Hyosung‘s solo comeback has been published ahead of her mini-album’s release date. 

With a dream like atmosphere that fits the title of FANTASIA, Hyosung shows off her new bright hair color, orange-blonde as she sits next to her male doll, sitting in the same position as it against the wall. Wearing knee-high white boots and an off-shoulder outfit, Hyosung completes the dreamy and fantasy concept.

The male doll, however, has certainly raised questions. He first appeared in her first image teaser, and many  have questioned the reason for the dolls presence.

In FANTASIA, Hyosung directly took part in some of the tracks’ lyrics, and fans will be excited to hear that she will try her hand at rapping for the first time since her debut.