Hyosung takes to Twitter to clarify her dietary meal plan

SECRET’s Hyosung has recently clarified false interpretations of her diet, previously revealed on Mnet’s 4 Things Show.

On May 20th, Hyosung personally took to her Twitter to explain to her fans the truth of her current diet plan. The post reads, “My meal plan has been going about the wrong way lately. In one day I eat one banana, two eggs, and one soy milk per meal! Times three! It’s not banana for breakfast, two eggs for lunch, and soy milk for dinner! And I’m eating well right now,” clearing up the wrong facts regarding her regular food intake back on May 19th.

With promotions for her mini-album FANTASIA and title track “Into You” still ongoing, fans have indeed noticed a new look for Hyosung, particularly around her face and cheeks. Recently she had revealed an alternate diet plan of tofu salads and rice as well, consistently updating followers on her diet plans. She had also revealed her belly dancing skills on the same show, as well as take the stage with Jinusean for “Tell Me One More Time” on KBS Music Bank.

Despite the current success with her album promotions, however, netizens expressed concern over her diet plan.

[+295, -6] You don’t necessarily have to work out if you eat like this, you’ll still lose weight.

[+183, -19] I feel bad for her… [It’s] not like she can eat like that for the rest of her life…

[+165, -5] Surprised that celebrities are even able to handle their schedules while eating so little…

[+13, -3] I feel bad… especially at an age where I’m sure she wants to eat this and that ㅠㅠ

[+11, -2] Her face has gotten way prettier since she went on her diet though.

What do you think of Hyosung’s clarification?

Source: Star News