Hyun Bin still considers Han Ji Min to be one of the most beautiful actresses

Actor Hyun Bin once again praised actress Han Ji Min’s beauty on SBS‘s Night of TV Entertainment.

On the January 21st episode of Night of TV Entertainment, Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, the two lead stars of drama Hyde, Jekyll and I, featured for an interview.

During the segment, Hyun Bin’s previous assertion that “Han Ji Min is one of the most beautiful actresses” was brought up once again. He did not waver from his stance and said, “I did say that once, and it’s still true.” When the reporter asked, “Is she still the top among Tang Wei and Kim Sun Ah?” to which Hyun Bin humorously replied, “Are you usually this hardcore too with others?” and laughed it off.

Hyun Bin returns to television dramas for the first time in 4 years after his last drama Secret Garden, prior to joining the army. Once again, Hyun Bin is playing a role of a chaebol (Korean term for wealthy people). The actor introduced Hyde, Jekyll and I as well, “I didn’t choose this piece because I’m a chaebol again. But the story line of a guy having two different personalities and a woman falling in love with that two-faced guy seemed fun for me.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min are returning together again after the historical film The Fatal Encounter just last year. Who’s already falling in love with Hyun Bin’s mysterious two-sided character for the drama?

Source: Newsen