Hyuna prepares for a more stunning solo comeback likely in August

4minute’s Hyuna is reportedly aiming for a solo comeback sometime this summer, where the irreplaceable hot icon is preparing to bring an even stronger impact.

Shall Hyuna make her comeback in August, the comeback momentum will be considered quick, as she last promoted with title track “Red” in July 2014, where she won her first two trophies on MBC Show Champion.

An official from Cube Entertainment stated, “Hyuna is preparing a solo album in order to make a comeback in August, but nothing is confirmed yet. Hyuna has been consistently preparing for her solo comeback. While August is our goal, no dates or other details have been confirmed yet.”

Many were also sharp to notice through the celebrity’s Instagram that Hyuna is currently in the United States, upgrading her dance moves and making preparations most likely for her comeback. She is expected to return to the stage after labelmate BTOB, who are preparing for a late June comeback.

Recently, several people are accusing and teasing Hyuna for undergoing breast enlargement surgery. Some netizens have voiced negative comments towards her solo comeback news, but there are also others who came to her defense by unliking such comments.

1. [+829, -234] Practice singing before you do

2. [+517, -59] Write an article when things are confirmed

3. [+584, -234] Don’t strip this time

4. [+522, -240] She sings from her chest~

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Source: OSEN