Hyuna reveals why she refuses to abandon her sexy concepts

Netizens react to Hyuna’s interview with Korean media OSEN on why she stubbornly continues to do sexy concepts.

During an interview released on August 21st with Korean media OSEN, Hyuna reveals why she stubbornly continues her sexy concept despite much criticism. Here are some highlights of her interview and netizen reactions below:

When asked regarding how she is portrayed as an artist with performance over good music, Hyuna answered:

“I think it is true that not everyone will like me. I think that is my homework for the future. Isn’t it impossible to satisfy everyone? That is why I try to think as optimistically as possible and work harder. For people to like me comes naturally so instead of forcing my way, I tend to think to work in order to ‘make my fans love me more.'”

To the question regarding why she stubbornly continues to follow sexy concepts, she responded:

“I think people know best what they are good at. What they can show off with energy. I don’t have the confidence to pull off innocence or cuteness. There are many others who are better. But showing off something with confidence and much preparation comes more naturally. If you’re going to reveal sexiness, there needs to be a context to it. For example, how an actress has certain scenes while they act, I, too have a context and reason why I reveal myself, so I don’t feel bad about it.”

She also revealed that, “Sexiness is something I think I could do best. I like showing off healthy sexiness. I saw many people comment that there was beauty of corruption in the trailer scene but I put on weight and worked out in order to best show my healthiness. I tend to think and feel in the big picture.”

Here are some netizen reactions below:

[+8292, -395] That is what I’m saying though.. I don’t care about sexiness but she keeps taking off clothes

[+7023, -381] Hyuna is stubbornly picking sexiness because it helps her best cover her biggest flaw of singing. Nobody will hear the song at first if it wasn’t focused on her sexiness and performance. It is how girl groups too cover their bad singing through performances and dancing right? Also handsome faces, good bodies, and energetic beats cover the songs too.

[+3397, -198] Her hair is so damaged

[+3036, -216] I already want to get out of work…. I’m on my way right now

[+2848, -242] I liked her best during “Change”

[+1017, -37] Because she can’t sing…. Even if she can’t sing, people call her “Queen’s color” and like her when she comes out with sexy concepts

[+939, -33] Her boobs looked so overly done in the stage last night… T_T…

[+889, -23] People don’t like it because she throws away everything else except forcing sexiness… I liked her up to “Bubble Pop” but now it isn’t even sexy anymore and her songs are pretty bad. I feel repulsed by her.

Source: OSENComments: OSEN vis Naver

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