Hyuna and Zico cutely show support of each other’s comeback

While it is a harmonious sight to see our K-pop idols showing support for one another’s comeback, we have spotted a cute interaction between Block B’s Zico and 4MINUTE’s Hyuna as they show their long-lasting friendship is still going on strong!

4MINUTE made a strong, fierce comeback with their 6th mini-album and title track “Crazy” on February 9th, while Zico made a comeback just a few days later with his 2nd solo single with “Well Done” ft. Ja Mezz on February 13th.

Zico first posted a supporting tweet on 4MINUTE’s comeback day itself, seemingly showing favoritism towards Hyuna with “4MINUTE Crazy looks really cool!!! Hyuna fighting!!!

4MINUTE’s Sohyun caught his biasness and cheekily commented, “What about me…..? T.T“, Zico then replied, “You’re an achery master ;;;;;…;;;; shivers.”

On the day of Zico’s new music release, Hyuna also shared a screenshot on Instagram of herself listening to the track.

Zico had featured in Hyuna’s “Just Follow” from her first solo mini-album Bubble Pop! in 2011, where the two have maintained a close friendship ever since, even meeting up at MBC‘s year-end music show last year for selcas!

Let’s see if we can get to see more interactions between the two of them if Zico promotes on music shows!