I.O.I finally making their debut on public broadcast with “Music Bank”

Temporary girl group I.O.I has made a breakthrough in their debut as they have finally been confirmed to perform their debut stage on the public broadcast channel and music show, KBS Music Bank.

Since their debut with Chrysalis, I.O.I has only been seen on cable channels. Regarding their promotional stages, the girl group has only performed on M! Countdown and even made their debut on SBS MTV‘s The Show last week. However, when it came to public broadcast channels such as SBS, MBC or KBS, they had yet to be seen. Until now.

Reports have confirmed I.O.I will finally be making their debut on this week’s Music Bank, airing on May 20th.

KBS has been the only channel to reach out to I.O.I in terms of appearing on its various shows it airs including Welcome Show.

It has been rumored that due to I.O.I being formed under cable channel Mnet, the public broadcast channels were not being too eager in getting the girl group on their shows. This only seemed to be reinforced as they were nowhere to be seen despite the high anticipation.

Source: OSEN