Netizens amazed by idols’ extravagant gifts for their families

Following tvN’s Open List 2015‘s airing on TV, the celebrities shown who showered their parents with extraordinary gifts are being applauded by many netizens for their filial behavior and caring nature.

After entering the world of adulthood and earning good money on their own, many people turn back and repay their parents for raising them by showering them with heartfelt gifts as thanks, and these celebrities are no exception.

tvN’s list included actor Won Bin, miss A’s Suzy, Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun, actress Nam Bora, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, actor and singer Seo In Guk, and actress Park Shin Hye.

Suzy bought her parents a house, car, and started up a café for her parents after she hit stardom and started bringing in lots of money, while Kyuhyun showed his parents his thanks by buying them an 8 floor building in Myungdong that’s worth 7.3 billion won (~$7.3 million USD).

Won Bin acted as the dutiful, filial son by buying his parents what many have deemed as the “perfect home” that’s worth millions of dollars. Instead of saying thanks through material gifts, Park Shin Hye gifted her parents by spending quality time with them and helping them out at their restaurant by waiting tables and washing the dishes when she can.

1. [+511, -184] Suzy’s so unrealistically pretty but her heart is just as beautiful.

2. [+880, -37] Park Shin Hye’s parents are amazing. They took her with them to volunteer work ever since she was a child actress. I once went to volunteer at a food truck poet Choi Ildo runs and I saw her and her parents quietly do their work and even clean up after before leaving. The poet made a post later saying that their family volunteers every year consistently. They really raised her well.

3. [+255, -5] Just saw this show… seems like all stars gift their parents a home or building worth millions. Even Suzy, someone in her early 20s, has already gifted her parents a home, a cafe.. I want to get my parents things too but that’s the kind of money I probably won’t ever make even until I die ㅜㅜ Sure celebrities have it tough but what job isn’t tough? I’m jealous… ㅠㅠ


Source: Newsen (1, 2, 3) and Osen