These idols are making fans dream come true by reenacting scenes out of fanfics!

K-Pop idols (especially the male idols) are notorious for their skinship with each other but this group…took it to another level and made fangirls go nuts with their choreography.

BTS is renowned for their crazy choreography and their stage presence but in one of their songs, ‘Embarrassed’, they surprised fan girls with different kinds of choreography.


“Can I just ask who the choreographer is? How in the world could he think of using such performances in an idol song? Where the heck is this guy? I need to thank him!”


“As if the kisses weren’t enough they throw each other on the bed. What’s a bed doing on a stage anyway? This is so obviously fan service and you would NOT be mistaken if you thought we’d go crazy over this kind of stuff.”


Looks like the boys get touchy feely with each other even off stage though…



Source: Instiz