iKON receives praise from Michael Jackson’s choreographer

It seems like iKON is still basking in the interest received by their impressive performance on survival program, The Remix. 

More than a week since they appeared and won on The Remix, iKON continues to receive praise for their performance on their program, especially their tribute to Michael Jackson. The performance earned them one of their three wins on the program where they danced with outfits made with LED lights.

Recently, a number of fanbases for international artist Michael Jackson worldwide have been spreading the link of the performance online. Popular American choreographer LaVelle Smith Jnr also expressed his impressive remarks for the choreography on his personal Twitter account. Sharing a link to the performance, the choreographer tweeted, “This is simply beautiful! Great tribute to Michael Jackson!” 

Image: Instiz

Aside from LaVelle Smith Jnr is also known for his works with Janet Jackson and Beyonce Knowles. 

Source: Instiz