iKON show their immense support for Jinusean’s comeback in video greet

Rookie and upcoming male group iKON has shown their support for their senior and hip-hop duo group Jinusean with a loud video greet.

On April 14th, Sean of Jinusean uploaded a video of his juniors iKON giving him and Jinu a greet and congratulations on their comeback after 11 years.

The group said, “What night is tonight? It’s Jinusean night!” after introducing themselves as iKON, and cheered on loudly with happiness.

After 11 years of hiatus, Jinusean finally made a comeback with a new single “Tell Me One More Time,” which also acts as Part 2 of their hit 1998 song “Tell Me” featuring Uhm Jung Hwa. Once again, the hip-hop duo managed to capture listeners again and hit them with a wave of nostalgia with its music video released on April 15th.

Many artists made an appearance in the music video, including Seo Jang Hoon, Haha, Shoo, Kim Hyun Jung, Yoo Jae Suk, Epik High, iKON‘s Bobby, and more.

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Source: OSEN