iKON’s B.I accused of bullying Chanwoo on live broadcast

iKON’s B.I rumored to be bullying members after video goes viral amongst viewers and fans.

Naver’s V app has been a recent trend amongst Korean idols as it has a live stream function that allows fans to tune in to their artists and connect with them. However, due to the live features, fans get to see first hand what is happening without any edits. A recent controversy has emerged regarding the group iKON after a video emerged and has been going viral of member B.I’s shocking actions.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the shocking actions of B.I.

Titled “Hul, Shocking Personality of iKON Members From Last Night,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“First off, I”m not a fan of iKON.

I randomly tuned into iKON’s program after watching various artists through V app.

“But I saw some actions that made me think that shouldn’t be allowed…”

Bobby tells Jinhwan that he will get a piece of meat if he allows his young dongsaeng Chanwoo to speak rudely to him”

Jinhwan: ‘It’s okay~  you can even cuss’

Chanwoo: (Can’t say anything due to his senses)

B.I: (Gets angry after Chanwoo doesn’t say anything) ‘Hurry up’ (Hit)

Chanwoo: ‘Do it?’ (Still watching hyungs’ reactions)

B.I: (Hit, hit) ‘Lets just do it first~!’ (Angry) (Looks at camera once)

Jinhwan: ‘Just do it like how you always do’

B.I: “I said just do it~!’ (Chanwoo’s hat flies off after B.I hits his face)

Chanwoo: (Looks at hyungs’ reactions with his senses after picking up his hat)

Other members: (Looks at B.I’s eyes and reactions with their senses) ‘B.I is a little sensitive right now (looks at Chanwoo) Just do it like you do normally’

Bobby: ‘I like your action towards Chanwoo, I’ll give you a piece of meat’ (Gives piece of meat to B.I)

Chanwoo: (Laughs awkwardly)

B.I: (Happy after eating meat)”

“The one that had his hat flown off is a 18-year-old (Korean age) maknae Chanwoo who came into the group last”

“I was thinking to myself why they have to do that. Others wanted to avoid the moment pretending this always happen but Chanwoo’s face was frozen and laughed forcefully.. 

“What the heck is Bobby saying that he is giving piece of meat to B.I because he liked his action of hitting him?…

“Chanwoo is already in a position of having to watch all his hyungs’ actions with his senses because he came in late to the group.

“Hyungs should be helping him but why is the leader hyung acting like that towards him.

“But what is even more sad is that after his hat flew off, he seemed calm and not affected which shows that this may happen normally daily.

“No matter how you defend this, there are things we see with our eyes. You can’t defend this forcefully…”



Full Video (Start from 2:15)


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[+592, -109] B.I’s true character that he has been hiding for a long time shows here. Look at him looking and sensing the camera. You can tell that he shows his true personality in places with no cameras and haze his members. And I bet he enjoys these situation as well right?

[+567, -87] Bobby is even funnier after what happened… He says he is going to give meat to B.I because he says he likes his actions…. What are the two doing… I looked at iKON as a good group but I hate the fact that other members are more careful by looking and sensing at B.I…..

[+443, -71] I’m a fan of iKON but I thought to myself ‘wow what is this?’ I’m a maknae in certain situations but to be treated like that? If you get picked on with other members, it is a different story T_T But I don’t think this is right T_T People can’t even defend them if they act like that. Kind of worried because they are making a debut soon T_T I erased the fact about B.I’s father’s scamming history. I’m sorry for the mention.

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