Indie duo No Reply teases with recording studio photo

On January 12th, indie duo No Reply teased fans with a photo from a recording studio, perhaps hinting that the group will be making a comeback soon.

Originally based in the Hongdae indie scene, No Reply consists of members Moment and Tune. The photo showed the inside of the recording studio. Although captioned with a vague message reading “2015,” the photo was enough to get fans excited. Many commented their anticipation for new works from the group in the coming year.

Additionally, member Moment shared a similar photo on his personal Instagram account. His caption gave further detail, sharing “Today was recording. It was difficult but rewarding. #studio #recording.” His photo depicts the recording of a drumset player as the musician can be seen vaguely in the back of the photo.

Check out the photos here:

오늘의 녹음. 쉽지 않았지만 보람이 있었다. #studio#recording

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