INFINITE announces second world tour with first teaser ft. Sungyeol

INSPIRITS will finally be able to see INFINITE again, as the group is preparing for another world tour!

Earlier in March, Woollim Entertainment released an official teaser video stating a “May comeback,” but until now, being almost a month late, that has yet to be fulfilled. Many fans were anticipating for a new album announcement soon, but with the MERS scare and perhaps competition from numerous other group comebacks, an international concert tour has been announced instead.

The group will be bringing an INFINITE EFFECT world tour to fans all around the world, starting off with concerts in Seoul on August 8th (6PM) and August 9th (5pm) at the Olympic Park Gymnasium. Their first world tour, One Great Step, concluded two years ago in 2013 after visiting over 20 cities all over the world.

With a new design for their group logo, INFINITE has dropped their first teaser image for member Sungyeol, with the letters “I” and “N” in the background.

INFINITE’s last album was released almost a year ago in July last year, with title track “Back,” so there are high chances that the group will not make fans wait too long for the next release.

In the mean time, the members are currently busy with individual schedules, as Sungjong will debut in Real Men next week, Hoya is currently in SBS drama Mask, while L and Sungyeol will appear in upcoming dramas The Time We Were Not In Love and D-DAY respectively.

[#INFINITE] We know you have been waiting. INFINITE is ready to start their new journey. Check on the poster for #INFINITE_EFFECT ▶

Posted by Woollim Entertainment (울림엔터테인먼트) on Sunday, June 21, 2015