INFINITE announces tour dates for second world tour “INFINITE EFFECT”

After a long wait, the tour dates for INFINITE‘s second world tour, INFINITE EFFECT, have been officially announced.

The seven-member group kickstarted their second world tour in Seoul on August 8th and 9th and just returned to South Korea from a pop-up party in Guangzhou, China after being treated like royalty in the city.

A total of twelve concert locations spread across Asia and Europe have been revealed in the first announcement, starting from September 5th and lasting all the way until November 21st of this year. INFINITE will first visit Taiwan, followed by Nanjing, Poland, Paris, London, Berlin, Beijing, Bangkok (2 days), Manila, Singapore, Jakarta, and Shanghai.

Tour dates for America have yet to be revealed, but the group is still likely to visit the region as they performed in four U.S. cities for their first world tour, One Great Step in 2013.

There is much anticipation on what surprises the group will bring to each city, as the original music video for hit track “Last Romeo” starring and Lovelyz‘s Jisoo was aired during the Seoul concert.