“Infinite Challenge” releases teaser still featuring S.E.S and Seohyun

MBC Infinite Challenge teases fans with the exclusive stills of their special episode featuring S.E.S and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

On December 20th, Infinite Challenge released teaser stills through their official Twitter account, teasing fans of S.E.S performances which will be aired next week. The photo features Seohyun, who is filling in for pregnant member Eugene, together with Bada and Shoo dressed in an all white attire, as they recreate their previous concepts and styles.

Infinite Challenge’s “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (TOTOGA)” episode gathered popular artists from the 90s last December 18th as they held a special concert featuring Turbo, Jinusean, Cool, Lee Jung Hyun, Jo Sung Mo and more.

Source: TVReport