“Infinite Challenge” Sixth Man candidates celebrate with Kwanghee

Fellow “Sixth Man” candidates celebrated with ZE:A‘s Kwanghee in being selected as the final Sixth Man for MBC‘s Infinite Challenge.

Shortly after the official announcement of Kwanghee becoming the Sixth Man after a six-episode-long search for the program’s sixth member, fellow candidates including Noel‘s Kang Kyun Sung, Super Junior‘s Siwon and Hong Jin Kyung met up to celebrate Kwanghee’s “victory.” Both Kang Kyun Sung and Siwon have posted on their Instagram accounts with messages like “Kwanghee, congratulations to you, fighting!” showing their support.

All four of them are seen smiling brightly to the camera and posing with thumbs up, evidently having a good time together in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.

As the sixth member is finally settled, viewers of Infinite Challenge can look out for new interactions in the program, and Kwanghee is expected  to join the program’s upcoming 10 year anniversary special.

Meanwhile, regarding Kwanghee’s leave from SBS‘s Star King, his agency, Star Empire Entertainment responded that they had been negotiating with Star King, and Kwanghee will be leaving regardless of his joining Infinite Challenge. The agency further expressed their confidence in Kwanghee to do well in his new program, asking viewers to look forward to his active participation.

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Source: Dispatch