[★VIDEO] INFINITE H covers EXID’s “Up & Down” with sexy dance on “Sukira”

INFINITE H (Hoya and Dongwoo) danced to EXID‘s belatedly viral dance track “Up & Down” on KBS‘ Sukira Kiss The Radio!

While busy promoting for the title track “Pretty,” INFINITE H appeared as guests on the Sukira radio hosted by Super Junior’s Ryeowook on the night of February 9th.

In particular, both INFINITE H and EXID were guests on the February 3rd broadcast of SBS Choi Hwa Jung‘s Powertime FM radio. On that show, Hoya confessed that he had watched the viral fan-taken video of EXID’s Hani at least six times.

Owing to that, the two rapper-dancers of INFINITE H were able to give their own sexy rendition to the song’s chorus as a punishment on Sukira. Although they made mistakes for the impromptu dance, the two showed off their smooth freestyle hip-hop dance moves, not allowing for any awkwardness in between.

Other celebrities who have done covers for “Up & Down” include 15&‘s Jimin with Bernard Park, Sung Yu Bin, and the Roommate casts (Jackson, Youngji, and Lee Guk Joo).

In other news, INFINITE has taken three trophies home with their current promotional activities, with the latest on Sunday’s SBS Inkigayo. Fans are still looking forward to INFINITE H fulfilling their promise of cross-dressing shall they win on music shows.