INFINITE H to partner up with BrandNew Music for comeback next year

INFINITE H, hip-hop sub-unit of Woollim Entertainment’s marquee boy group INFINITE, has announced its partnership with Rhymer’s BrandNew Music for their comeback set for early next year.

The duo’s comeback news reported on December 4th have garnered attention for partnering up with Rhymer’s BrandNew Music. Reportedly, numerous famous producers and artists from BrandNew Music will participate in the upcoming album. As a result, many fans are looking forward eagerly for amazing hip-hop collaborations.

INFINITE H will make appearance at the upcoming BrandNew Music family concert, BrandNew Year 2014, on December 7th to officially announce the partnership for their comeback. Although the comeback is expected to be sometime next January, there is a possibility of slight delay due to the prolonged album completion.

This will be the sub-unit’s first official comeback in two years, after Hoya and Dongwoo released Fly High as INFINITE H in January of 2013. The album featured various hip-hop artists including Bumkey, Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, and Baby Soul.

Meanwhile, other INFINITE members have been active as well. Recently, L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong formed another sub-unit INFINITE F and the group’s leader Sungkyu is expected to release a duo track with Yoon Sang.

Source: OSEN