INFINITE pleasantly surprises fans with new live MV for “Tic Toc”

Woollim Entertainment has just released a live music video for INFINITE’s hit track “Tic Toc” off their latest live concert album One Great Step Returns!

After touring the world for four months with their first world concert One Great Step from August to November 2013, INFINITE concluded their tour in Seoul on February 28, 2014 and March 1, 2014 with a two-day encore concert One Great Step Returns. Prior to their May comeback, INFINITE is also releasing a live album which will include live tracks recorded at their One Great Step Returns concert.

Ahead of the actual release of the album, an official full-length music video for “Tic Toc” was revealed. Although “Tic Toc” is an old track from four years ago, the music video still brings overwhelming feelings, especially to fans who have supported the group for such a long time, and also to those who were present at the concert.

While INFINITE usually promotes themselves as a dance group with their trademark 99.9% synchronized dance choreography, this music video instead brings a greater focus on every member’s live vocal and rapping skills.

One Great Step Returns live album is scheduled for a release at 12PM KST.