INFINITE reveals first track for upcoming album “Reality”

After INFINITE officially released the first image teaser for their upcoming comeback, the seven-member group surprised fans as they revealed the first track off of their comeback album Reality.

Released on July 2nd, INFINITE revealed their second teaser, which revealed members Sunggyu, Hoya, and L as they were in a field of grass and flowers. The image also revealed that the first track from their comeback album Reality, will be “Betting,” a track that is composed, arranged, and written by RPHABET.

Although their initial comeback date was set for May, the group delayed the comeback date, and it has been reported that the seven-member group will be holding a comeback in mid-July.

Meanwhile, INFINITE released the first comeback image teaser on July 1st, and is scheduled to start their second world tour INFINITE EFFECT in Seoul on August 8th and 9th.