Infinite’s Hoya watched viral fancam of EXID’s Hani six times

Hoya of Infinite has made a surprising confession about having watched the viral fan-taken video of EXID‘s Hani at least six times.On the February 3rd radio broadcast of SBS Choi Hwa Jung‘s Powertime FM, Infinite’s sub-unit Infinite-H and rising girl group EXID appeared as the guests. The two groups spent time talking about their current whereabouts and life.

When host Choi Hwa Jung asked the EXID members, “Aren’t you tired of people saying that you guys are now starting to fall behind again and calling you a one-hit-wonder?” member Junghwa replied, “No, not at all because there are still many people out there who are now finding our song and listening to it.

Accordingly, as Choi Hwa Jung asked the girl group members to explain how their hit song “UP & DOWN” became so popular, Infinite-H’s Hoya voiced out his own explanation. Hoya said, “Someone on the streets recorded a video of Hani dancing to the song and uploaded it online. The view count on the video exploded into a massive number and got the whole nation to find out who EXID really was.

Hoya then got the studio laughing when he confessed, “I think I watched that video at least six times.

Many netizens and listeners of the day’s radio broadcast found the confession to be very familiar with their own thoughts, leaving comments such as, “This kid, Hoya… he must be a man, too. I’m a guy and I think I watched that fancam at least 10 times too,” “At first I didn’t understand why that fancam was so popular on all the SNS sites; it was nothing but a skinny female idol trying to dance sexy, but when I rewatched it, I finally saw Hani randomly smiling from time to time and fell in love with her smiles,” or, “I agree with Hoya! I rewatched that fancam so many times. Hani is so cute and pretty!

Source: TV Daily