INFINITE’s L and Sungkyu pose as school boys in “High Cut” magazine

Dressed in fashionable clothing, backpacks, and memorable glazes, INFINITE‘s L and Sungkyu posed as school boys in High Cut magazine’s latest issue.

On February 6th, High Cut magazine released three photos of the two INFINITE members where they were rocking North Face backpacks while keeping their outfit fashionable with patterned shirts and stylish sweaters.

In their two group photos, they portrayed different concepts as one photo showcased their bright aura, while the other reflected their edgy street style clothing. High Cut magazine also released a photo where Sungkyu was featured in a varsity jacket with a basketball hovering over his hand.

Although INFINITE has been busy preparing for their Japanese tour, Dilemma, their sub-unit, INFINITE H had a strong comeback as they released the music video for the upbeat track “Pretty” and comeback album, Fly Again.

Meanwhile, the group is schedule to hold their second fan meeting, INFINITE GATHERING 2 on February 28th and March 1st.

Source: TV Report