INFINITE’s Sungjong attempts manly transformation by joining “Real Men”

The news of INFINITE‘s youngest member Sungjong joining the cast of MBC Real Men surprised many, with the first filming already started yesterday (June 8th).

Particularly, Real Men‘s tough military training simulation for the casts can be acknowledged through the past broadcasts. With Sungjong’s delicate image, there is anticipation on how he will perform the arduous tasks on the show. Turning 23 years old this year, the maknae of INFINITE will be the first member to “enter the army,” which will be something to boast about when he returns to the group.

INFINITE celebrates their 5th year anniversary today (June 9th), where the group greeted their fans through a live chat last night through Naver Inspirits Shining Night. Sungjong had already departed from Seoul for filming, so only the remaining six members engaged in the live chat.

Training will last for 5 days, from June 8th to June 12th, which will take place at Yanggu, Gangwon-do.

In related news, INFINITE was initially planned to make a May comeback, but news of their return has yet to be announced. But with Sungjong joining Real Men, Hoya in the current SBS drama Mask, and Sungyeol to star in jTBC drama D-DAY, the increased activities could indicate that the group may be gearing up for a comeback soon.

Source: TVReport (1,2)