INFINITE’s Sungkyu is preparing for solo and group comebacks simultaneously

As May draws near, INFINITE’s comeback as a group also draws near, but fans were surprised by the sudden news about Sungkyu’s solo comeback which is in the works as well!

After recently releasing the group’s One Great Step Returns live album on April 9th, Woollim Entertainment seems to be giving the fans only a short period of time to save up their money for more albums are already on the way.

Earlier in March, an official video teaser already confirmed the seven members’ comeback for May, while Sungkyu’s increasing solo appearances on shows and his hints also gave clues that his solo comeback could happen very soon as well.

New details of Sungkyu’s second solo album have been revealed – Nell’s Kim Jong Wan will be participating in the producing of the album. As INFINITE’s labelmate, Nell has always been well respected by the juniors, with Sungkyu being a fanboy of the band as well.

Sungkyu is also confirmed to be in the last stage of preparations for his solo album, however a more precise timing for the comeback has yet to be determined. His solo promotional activities are said to be decided according to the completion progress of the album. It is still currently in the air whether he should promote before the group comeback, or promote both albums simultaneously.

Source: TV Report