“Innisfree” couple Lee Min Ho and Yoona fall asleep together for “Summer Love” web drama

Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona continue their Summer Love story in the latest episode released by Innisfree. 

In the latest episode released on May 13th, the two actors continue the story of a couple in the early stages of their relationship. Lee Min Ho and Yoona played the role of two classmates, bickering and platonic.

However, the last few seconds of the video teased fans about the gradual transition in their relationship as they fall asleep next to each other in the study hall.

Innisfree tagged the episode with the tagline, “Stay fresh, Stay smooth. Stay beautiful throughout the Summer.” 

Meanwhile, the story will revolve around the topic of Summer Love endorsing Innisfree’s latest project, Long Way Cushion.