Insider claims Jessica is still legally a member of Girls’ Generation

With Jessica‘s withdrawal from popular SM Entertainment girl group, Girls’ Generation, many have come to question exactly what her position is in the agency, despite being free to work on her company, BLANC & ECLARE.

On May 18th (KST), popular Twitter user @oniontaker who is widely known to have accurate inside information on the K-pop industry tweeted, “Just got confirmation over the weekend that Jessica is still signed to SM Entertainment and legally under SNSD by contract.”

He continues, “But this source claims that all six members still have contractual obligations under EXO-M. Legally still there. Well two things you can get from this: 1) PR guy in HK was lying. 2) It took me almost 4 mths to get specific info on Jess.”

This has prompted many Girls’ Generation OT9 fans expressed their hopes in her return in the possible future while others tossed the idea, writing:

– “So if she wants to return to SNSD, she can? Legally speaking, she can go to court to get back to the group if she wants to.”
– “She isn’t really on a break. She simply isn’t in SNSD anymore. She is still under SM because she most probably can’t sue SM.”
– “This is a joke right.”
– “So why were the people in HK trying to convince that Jessica isn’t under SM and what benefits do they have by doing so?”
– “I hope this is true…#Miracle please…”
– “If she [did] someday comeback, why she delete all memories about [the] 9 of them..”
– “She’s on hiatus from SNSD??”
– “Stop spreading fake rumors. SM broke the agreement and it ceases to be legally enforceable anymore.”
– “OMG! Poor Jessica if she still under SM contract. She can’t have solo or variety show in Korea. SM will stop her.”