Irene Kim and miss A’s Min share “SIA 2014” experience in “Me, Myself, and Mirene”

Irene Kim and miss A’s Min walked the red carpet for the SIA 2014, sharing the footage of the event on K-Style‘s “Me, Myself, and Mirene.”

Model Irene Kim and singer Min made their way to the red carpet for the annual Style Icon Awards. The two film their activities before and during the show on the second episode of K-Style‘s “Me, Myself, and Mirene,” where the girls get ready for an eventful night.

Irene and Min start off in the dressing room, picking out the most flattering outfits for the red carpet. After getting their makeup done, the two pick out eye-catching dresses for the evening and step onto the red carpet where the cameras await them.

Even though they were nervous at first, Irene and Min aided in presenting the winner for the “2014 Tony Moly K-Beauty Award,” where they were able to casually talk to the audience.

On January 2nd, Irene and Min released their first episode of “Me, Myself, and Mirene,” as the two friends showed their artistic side through art lessons.

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