IRON reveals jacket image for upcoming debut single

With only six days to go until his debut, rapper IRON released the D-6 image teaser for his debut track “Blu.”

After his agency Polaris Entertainment was raided by the Korean government and the IRS, resulting in executives from the company including President Lee Gyu Tae being arrested, things seemed bleak for Iron. Despite suggestion that the rapper may have to face a delay in his debut, however, IRON quickly reassured fans with a photo from the studio promising a release on March 30th.

The rapper recently found success working with AOA’s Jimin for collaboration track “Puss,” which topped several charts. With his debut track “Blu” set to feature Babylon and include an appearance by Ivy, things are looking very good for IRON.

The D-6 teaser picture for “Blu” features sketches of the rapper, which seem to be connected at the ears with a rather long insect resembling a centipede. Despite the cryptic picture, however, fans seemed to be excited for the rapper’s solo debut and track “Blu.”

Make sure to check out the D-6 teaser photo below and be on the look out for IRON’s debut on March 30th!

2015.03.31 IRON ‘blu’D-6 많은 기대와 관심 부탁드려요.

Posted by 아이언 – IRON on Tuesday, March 24, 2015