IRON set to debut with “Blu” on despite agency trouble

After reassuring his fans that he would still be making his debut despite the controversy involving his label, rapper IRON confirmed his debut with his track “Blu.”

After making several appearances as a featured rapper in other artists’ tracks, the rapper confirmed that he would be releasing his very own track featuring Babylon on March 31st.

IRON made the announcement that he would be making his debut in March earlier this month, but the prospects of it happening came into question when his agency Polaris Entertainment was raided by the Korean government and the IRS, resulting in executives from the company including President Lee Gyu Tae being arrested.

A couple of days ago, however, the former Show Me The Money 3 participant reassured fans that he would still be releasing his album with several photos from the studio, to which fans responded positively.

So far, the rapper has released a teaser photo for the track, which will drop at midnight on March 31st.