Irrefutable evidence of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s eye surgery?

Netizens claim they have irrefutable evidence of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s various stages of eye surgery.

Earlier we reported on netizens who were curious about Taeyeon’s eyes and why they look different now, compared to the past. Most netizens were unsure what to think, with many fans defending Taeyeon, claiming it was make-up or optical illusions which made her eyes look different.

But has irrefutable evidence emerged amongst netizens that even fans and Taeyeon herself can’t deny?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the “irrefutable” evidence of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s eye surgeries over the last eight years.

Before we begin, this is the surgery that Taeyeon is suspected of having done numerous times to make her eyes appear rounder and prettier. Although many believe eye surgery means making a single eyelid into double eyelid, there are many different types of surgery such as this “skin re-draping” method. This method could be applied on either side of the eyes to make them appear bigger and have a prettier shape.



  1. Apply the cut to continue right below the inner eyelashes to hide the scar much as possible.
  2. If the cut us too deep, revealing the muscle next to the eye, the inner red skin might appear.

Titled “Plastic Surgery Change Angel,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Fans who claim that Taeyeon still didn’t get surgery after looking at this post need to get their eyes checked. Her nose is already undeniable amongst fans that she received plastic surgery. This post will show you she also got her eyes done”

“This is her in her early debut days”



“There is a epicanthic fold in front of her two eyes and her backside is covered”

“Her first eye surgery”



“Compared to her early debut years, her eye line goes down a little and you can see there is a slight cut in the front of her eyes now.”

“And now the latest surgery before promoting ‘Party'”



“Her epicanthic fold completely disappeared and her eye line in the front is now a perfect curve”

“And now for comparison photos that cannot be done with ‘different make-up'”


“I was watching the Channel Girls’ Generation earlier. I started to dislike her after watching it. Girls’ Generation members were in the cafeteria taking pictures and playing around. Seohyun was saying “we like to take pictures when we go to good places.” But Taeyeon who was next to her said “not me, I don’t take pictures.” But what is funny is that she posts the most photos on her Instagram.”

“To best honest when you play with girlfriends, isn’t there one girl that wants to be different and unique? She is like that. When they were filming for TaeTiSeo a while ago, I remember her saying “I can’t shop like other members for hours and I don’t understand them.”

“There are always girls like her in college. I hate them because I’ve experienced it.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.58.11 PM


[ +166 / -21] She did f*ckin change a alot since her debut hahahahaha They always say her makeup methods are different but how does her actual eye shape change.. Back of her eyes is perfectly round now

[ +160 / -25] Wow I am amazed. I hope she shares her hospital. It is hard to get re-draping surgery successfully like that.

[ +83 / -115] Why are you guys interested in other peoples’ face T_T Do you want people to admit that you are right? Spending so much time on other peoples’ faces

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