Is getting into SM, YG & JYP similar to being accepted to Harvard?

Netizens bring up a interesting comparison of large corporations to SM, YG and JYP Entertainment.

In South Korea, the three top entertainments are still SM, YG and JYP. With many smaller, mid-size companies existing below them, is an artist getting into SM, YG and JYP similar to someone getting into large corporations like Samsung or schools like Seoul National University?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss whether getting into large entertainment agencies is similar to getting accepted into a good university or hired by a well-known corporation.

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Titled “Company Power SM Power YG Power,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“You know how people always don’t give credit to the artists claiming it is their agency’s power like ‘it’s because he is SM or YG’

Isn’t it like telling a ordinary person who got hired by Samsung and people just saying, oh ‘it is because he is in Samsung??’

I’m just curious… T_T_T_T To be honest it is really hard to get into large corporations like Samsung.. and even in the music industry too, it must hurt artists who think they didn’t even try hard to get into these large agencies T_T_T_T

But I guess I didn’t hear JYP power much haha

+) There are people who didn’t understand what I said. I’m not saying SM and YG = Samsung or Seoul National Universty.. I’m just saying they all work hard to get into the best place.. It is hard to get into Samsung or Seoul National University like it is hard to get into the top 3 entertainment agencies out of all of the trainees right? I’m just saying it is not fair to not give them credit because of their entertainment power haha”



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[ +96 / -2] Mid-size entertainment fans are so funny haha if their biases spent time as a trainee in SM or YG, they always mention it hahahahahahahaa

[ +95 / -4] 1) If large entertainment artists win: ‘Their company power!’ If mid-size entertainment artists win: ‘They came from the bottom.’

2) If large entertainment artists can’t win: ‘They can’t even win with their company power. If mid-size entertainment artists can’t win: ‘It is because large corporations are paying’ hahahahaha

[ +62 / -1] Both places are hard to get in and hard to debut from. It is their talent to get into a good company which allows them to take advantage of their situations… Even if the company has the power, the artist needs talent to take advantage of them.

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