Is It More Beneficial To A K-Pop Trainee’s Career To Be ELIMINATED From “Produce 101”?

With so many contestants vying for a chance to debut with Produce 101, the Mnet survival show has become incredible competitive. 

However, there has recently been discussions about whether or not it would be better for some of the trainees competing in the show to be eliminated from the show rather than debuting in the 11-member group. With some of the contestants being from larger companies such as JYPJellyfish, and Pledis, their futures may perhaps be brighter if they avoided debuting in the show’s upcoming group, which will be managed by YMC.

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[+ 3902, – 124] The ones that come out of it best are going to be girls who make it to the end but don’t win. They’ll go back to their agency and debut there

[+ 3614, – 100] They be active for 8 months and than go back to their agency though

[+ 3451, – 321] Chungha needs to debut seriously it would be a huge waste of talent if she didn’t

Source: Sports Seoul