Is Tablo hinting on his solo album release and Epik High’s comeback?

With Tablo managing his own production label HIGH GROUND, it seems like the artist is trying to release more work this year and the next! 

Since managing his own label HIGH GROUND under YG Entertainment, Tablo has been keen on updating fans of his ongoing works. On August 25th, Tablo posted a hint on his personal Twitter account as he teased fans saying, Epik High is back in the studio,” sparking comeback speculations from his followers.

Moreover, when asked by a fan as to when he will be able to release an album of his own, the rapper and producer simply replied, “I will give you one in 2016.” 

Tablo has not released a solo single since his last albums Fever’s End Part 1 and Part 2 in 2011, while Epik High just wrapped promotions for their successful Shoebox comeback last year.