Is this a overused concept for girl groups of Kpop?

Netizens discuss a group that has once again made their comeback with a school uniform concept

From girl group Girls’ Generation to A Pink and other various groups, school uniform look and concept has always been a popular concept used by girl groups. It has not only been popular amongst girl groups but male groups as well such as EXO and BTS.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss a girl group that has made their return again in school uniform concept.

Here is the direct translation of the post and comments below

“Girl group G-friend that always kept their school uniform concept decided to stick to their concept once again! Yay~”


“I personally like their latest concept look the best”


“Their past uniforms did not follow the traditional school uniform look”





“But this time, they have this Japanese school look? It looks so pretty. They look great in anything~~”



“To be honest, I hoped that they would do a different concept this time… It was kind of disappointing but they are doing something a little different at least.. I’m worried that after sustaining this look, they might be called various names if they were to shockingly change their concept to something completely different 🙁 “


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Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +150 / -38] Ah… I really can’t pick who is the visual since there is none. Yerin is kind of cute but her bangs make me think other wise. But they are the best rookie groups out there. I agree to that.

[ +117 / -20] I heard their tracks with the mr removed and they all suck at singing. They don’t even have visuals nor skills so I wonder how they became celebrities. Did they improve in their latest comeback?

[ +88 / -9] Their pictures look like some counter-strike filter photos

Source: Pann