IU breaks out in song in the middle of a public restaurant

A video of IU singing on the spot at a dinner event has been gaining a lot of attention since it was uploaded online. 

The video was originally posted last August 15th and it featured IU out on a dinner event with what was believed to be the staff members from the drama, Scarlet Heart. At the start of the clip, the singer and actress was filmed being persuaded by her staff for a song number.

IU was encouraged as she stood up with a nervous look and trembled slightly as she looked for the lyrics through her mobile phone. Trying to disperse the nervous atmosphere, she even managed to cast a joke as the rest of the staff members looked on with anticipation. Others also took note how she exchanged the microphone for a fork for the impromptu performance.

The rest of the staff eventually sang along with IU as she first sang the song “Love Goes Beyond” by Lee Moon Se. She was greeted with a warm applause and cheers as she finished the track.

Meanwhile, IU is recently the star of ongoing drama Scarlet Heart on SBS. 

Source: Dispatch