IU joins Instagram with an adorable bareface selca

On February 6th, singer IU became the latest idol to join social networking service Instagram!

IU’s first post on her Instagram account was a rather mysterious photo of an owl. Fans were puzzled as to what the photo meant, as it came with the caption “What about …?“. The singer’s second photo, which was a cute bareface selca, however, was more appreciated by fans, who complimented her for her natural beauty and welcomed her to the social media service.

The singer is not one of the most active idols on SNS – she does not use hashtags on Twitter, and jokingly asked fans why Instagram users use hashtags on their photos – but has used services such as Twitter in the past to reach out to her fans. In fact, IU released the full audio to her newest track “Knee” exclusively to her fans on Twitter in December.

So far, the LOEN Entertainment singer has posted three photos on her Instagram account, and has accumulated over 85,000 followers in less than two days. Fans can follow IU on Instagram at @dlwlrma!

Take a look at her photos below:

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