IU to possibly make her comeback in the fall

Following the conclusion of her drama Producer, singer IU has been rumored to be making her highly-anticipated comeback in the fall. 

A LOEN Entertainment representative had stated earlier that both IU and SISTAR were preparing to make their respective comebacks soon, and with the latter set to make their release on June 22nd, IU is expected to make a release soon as well.

IU recently proved her popularity as an artist with the release of her digital single “Heart,” which achieved an all-kill upon release and is still competing admirably on the charts. In addition to “Heart,” IU has also participated in several successful collaboration tracks last year, including one with legendary singer Seo Taiji. However, the singer has not released an album since her EP Flower Bookmark early last year.

Additionally, IU recently renewed her contract with her agency LOEN Entertainment, strengthening her already well-established relationship with the company.

Source: OSEN