IU and Yoo Hee Yeol attend Sony Korea’s MDR launch

Solo artist IU and Yoo Hee Yeol recently attended the event for Sony Korea’s MDR launch, where the two posed for the media as they promoted the headphones.

The MDR-Z7 is Sony‘s latest release, and is characterized  as utilizing “high-resolution audio” technology, and in addition to superior sound quality, also boasts a 70㎜ diameter diaphragm, as opposed to the standard 40㎜. The diaphragm is said to be composed of aluminum-coated liquid crystal polymers, and the body is made of metal. The MDR-Z7 is priced at 699,000 Won, which is approximately $655.


The use of idols to promote products isn’t remotely new, but netizens have been reacting very positively to IU’s endorsement for Sony’s MDR-Z7. Does an endorsement from your favorite idol mean anything to you?

IU also shared this selca with her fan cafe on the day of the event!

IU recently collaborated with legendary singer Seo Taiji, and is set to make an appearance as a special guest performer at his comeback concert ‘Christmalowin’ on October 18th at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Park.

Sources: IU Official Fan Cafe, Sony Korea, and Chosun Biz