IU and Yoon Hyun Sang reveal fantasy themed MV still cuts for “When Would It Be”

On October 27th, IU and Yoon Hyun Sang Official Facebook pages released stills cuts from their upcoming collaboration track, “When Would It Be”, off the new artist’s debut album, Pianoforte.

Yoon Hyun Sang was a contestant from the first season of SBS K-Pop Star, and after much anticipation from fans, he announced that he would be releasing his debut album on October 31st. Although Yoon Hyun Sang is a very capable artist in his own right, it was also announced that his first album would also include a collaboration track with fellow label mate IU to add to the appeal of his album. Both artists are signed with LOEN Tree.

The music video still cuts from Yoon Hyun Sang’s title track “When Would It Be” take a page out of a fairy tale, with IU posing a beautiful fantasy scene with long, frizzy locks, surrounded by tress and dead leaves. Yoon Hyun Sang, on the other hand, sits at a piano, playing, and wearing a black suit and hat inside a plant filled room, the sun peeking into the window.

It seems that the “Nation’s Little Sister” has become one of the most popular collaboration artists lately, especially after her most recent project with legendary singer Seo Taiji.

Their collaboration track will be released on October 31st at midnight.  IU and Yoon Hyun Sang are planning to perform on music shows to promote the song.

Source: IU Official Facebook