IU’s manager comments on her role as Cindy in the drama “Producer”

IU‘s manager commented on her role as “Cindy” on KBS 2TV‘s latest drama  Producer. 

IU, starring in the highly-anticipated drama based on the entertainment industry, has taken the role of a popular singer named Cindy. In the drama, Cindy’s manager is kind and submissive to Cindy who is portrayed as a self-centred and haughty celebrity.

As much as the drama is based on real life settings, many have been speculating whether or not Cindy’s personality could lapse with IU’s actual personality. Additionally, some have been wondering if the actor acting as Cindy’s manager is the same person as IU’s manager in real life.

LOEN Entertainment‘s head of the office and IU’s real life manager, Park Jung Hyun, stated, “In order to appeal to the aspects of the drama, they have made it very comical. I am enjoying the drama. IU has a friendly personality and has worked well with the staffs around her. Differing from her role [as] Cindy, IU never gives orders like how she does in the drama. Since her debut, IU’s manager has never changed as well as her stylist, hair, and make-up staffs.”

Meanwhile, many artists have made cameos in the drama including Taetiseo, Kim Ji Soo, 2NE1‘s Dara, WINNER‘s Seungyoon, Boyfriend‘s Minwoo, EXID‘s Hani, J.Y. Park, and more. Actor and singer Lee Seunggi is also set to make a cameo in the drama. In addition to veteran singers Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Chul, and more, singer Kim Kihyun recorded his first solo OST, “Soulmate,” for the drama’s OST.

Source: Sports DongA