[★VIDEO] IU’s version of “Forgotten Season” becomes an internet sensation

IU’s version of the song “Forgotten Season” has been receiving high praise as the month of November begins.

Originally sung by Lee Yong, IU’s rendition of the song is currently trending on the internet. The song is well known as the song for the last day of October due to its lyrics which say:

I remember even now

The last day of October

Leaving only uncertain words,

We parted 

The song, loved for many years since its release, has been reworked by various Korean artists, and IU, the “nation’s little sister”, also sang it on her drama You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin!

IU’s version of “Forgotten Season”, which was already well-received on the drama, once again became popular after October 31st, following the official release of the song.

Check out IU singing “Forgotten Season” below: