IU’s vocal doppleganger, Shannon releases first debut image teaser

Shannon is to debut as a singer after finishing her five years of trainee period. With a single teaser photo containing the numbers “29.30.1,” Shannon has set many netizens’ hearts ablaze in excitement and wonder, many looking forward eagerly to her vocal and dance performances.

In the past, Shannon appeared on SBS’ Star King in 2010 and JTBC‘s Hidden Singer in 2013 as vocal doppleganger of IU. During her previous broadcast appearances, Shannon’s sweet look and talented vocal skills have garnered much attention. She has also mentioned her dream of becoming a singer in Korea during her appearance on both shows, and it seems like it is finally coming to reality after five years of preparation.

Shannon’s debut song will feature world-renowned choreographer Ian Eastwood. Reportedly, the two have solidified the choreography for the song tossing their thoughts over numerous video conferences. Ian Eastwood has also worked with Taemin‘s recent solo debut song “Danger” as well.

Meanwhile, as many expected, Shannon’s debut will lean more towards exposing her amazing vocal talents. The  announcement of her debut song has taken many by surprise as it will be a ballad song along with an urban dance performance.

Source: Xports News