J.Don is praised for his manners and chivalrous gestures

On May 9th, photos showing J.Don’s considerate manners received many positive comments.

J.Don, or N.Flying’s Seunghyub, recently has caught fan attention for his sweet gestures behind the scenes of Jimin N J.Don’s promotions.

The first of the three photos shows an image not unfamiliar to fans of K-pop as J.Don uses “manner legs” while getting his makeup done. Dressed in a bright red suit, he can be seen extending his legs to bring his face closer to the makeup artist to make her job easier.

Next, the idol drapes his suit jacket over AOA’s Jimin’s lap as she eats so she can stay warm and not worry about her dress riding up. Finally, he puts his hand above her head as she enters the van, ensuring that she does not hurt her head while entering.

Many fans have commented that she is a lucky girl to receive such care from him and others praised his chivalry. The album sports the appropriate hashtag, #MannersMakethMan.

Check out the photos here:

#GOD 으로 카리스마 넘치는 무대를 선보이고 있는 #제이던 의 매너 3종 세트!!#MannersMakethMan by #JDON :)#요즘그남자에게심쿵하는순간 #갓 #NFlying #엔플라잉 #승협

Posted by NFlying on Saturday, May 9, 2015